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Sindh Community Foundation (SCF)was formed by some young andcommitted human rights and socialworkers of Hala and Hyderabad inJanuary 2001 for improving thesocio-economic conditions of ruralcommunities and neglected segmentsof society, specially youth andwomen. It started working withsmall level charity actions,including holding free bloodgrouping and medical camps andslowly shifted to strategicinterventions towards sustainabledevelopment. For that purpose itmobilized local communities onvarious issues at village level,formed Community- Based Groups andthen transferred the same intoCommunity-based Organizations.

SCF mobilized internal andexternal physical, financial andhuman resource to become an activeand efficient developmentorganization. SCF through itsinception period, striving forpoverty alleviation, restorationof social activities in the ruralareas through mobilizing human andphysical resources, adoptingcommunity participation approachand gender development crosscutting theme. SCF is registeredin Societies act XX1, 1860 underthe registration number 5104 in2007. It devised comprehensivestrategy ranging from socialmobilization, training andcapacity building, linkagesbuilding with resource providers/government line agencies, incollaboration with other CSOs andlike-minded NGOs to boost advocacycampaign on various social issuesof Sindh province of Pakistan. Itis doing advocacy for the rightsof people and social justice forthe neglected segments of societyincluding women, girls, youth andrural communities. SCF hasstrengthened its networking withlocal and national humanitarianand rights-based organizations.SCF has increased it area ofoperation in 12 districts of Sindhfrom one in 2 years andundertaking advocacy, capacitybuilding and model buildingservice delivery projects to itsadvocacy programs.

SCF has track record ofimplementing programs of Humanrights and democracy, disastermanagement, humanitarian response,youth development, women andgirls’ empowerment, campaigning,training and action research onenvironment and climate change andgender based violence, goodgovernance and human rights. Ithas respond to the humanitariancrises in Sindh province ofPakistan Floods 2010 and 2011





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