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Adult and Adolescent Literacy and Training Center at Bulri Shah Kareem – District Tando Muhammad Khan
With support of Sindh Education Foundation SCF have established Adult and Adolescent Literacy and Training Center at Bulri Shah Kareem – District Tando. The Center is providing provide literacy and qualitative informal education module to 184 adult and adolescent male female learners belong to different underprivileged areas of town as well as adjacent villages. The good learning environment and qualified teachers are delivery quality education. After completion of the literacy package these learners will be provided skills training on various trades for their economic uplift.

Youth Development 

Pakistan is a country with large population of youth so there is need to address very serious development interventions ranging from mobilizing, training and equipping them with modern skills to combat the challenges. SCF being youth-led organization is working for mobilizing youth for social development. In this regard SCF got small grant from United Nations Habitat –Youth Fund for a one-year Youth Empowerment through imparting knowledge and skills to youth living in Slum settlements of Hyderabad. The project implemented from January to Dec, 2010, aiming to provide youth access to IT skills for self growth and learning the social issues.

Youth Resource Center 

SCF is running Youth Resource Center at Chandio Goth, a low profile setting of Hyderabad since 2007 up to the date. The major functions of youth resource center:

o Providing computer education and vocational skills 
o Providing youth friendly learning environment and space through library facilities, forums, cultural events, debate competition, 
o Providing carrier counseling and carrier planning facilities 
o Providing capacity building 

This is playing very effective role for youth empowerment in the area. 

Disaster Management and Risk Reduction 

Pakistan is located in a region that is prone to a number of natural disasters. Due to its various range of topography, the country is liable to wide-ranging hazards from droughts to floods to earthquakes to cyclones. Pakistan has been suffering from a major drought for the last four years, which is unfortunately continuing with varying degrees all over the country. With the exception of drought years, Pakistan has suffered almost every year from floods as monsoon rains Cause Rivers to overflow their banks. Almost all of Pakistan regularly experiences earthquakes ranging from moderate to severe in intensity. In addition, the coastal areas of the country are prone to cyclones. Pakistan is badly experienced of 2 humanitarian crises by the heavy monsoon floods in 2010 and 2011. Floods The 2010 floods in Pakistan affected more than 20 million people (more than 10 per cent of the total population) and in 2010 more than 5 million people of Sindh province affected .In both incidents Sindh province badly affected. SCF has respond actively in emergency and relief and provided food assistance and medical response to the population of 176000 flood affected people. SCF has also intervened in early recovery phase with a model of disaster resilient communities. The model is aimed to provide;
o Livelihoods support 
o Resuming income generation of women through support of entrepreneur development 
o Development of Disaster resilient community physical infrastructure 
o Institutional strengthening through capacity building events for communities, government stakeholders, local NGOs and CBOs on disaster management , preparedness and risk reduction 

Disaster Risk Management Center 

Management of disasters requires a multidisciplinary approach and building requisite skills and capabilities adequate enough to effectively deal with the whole cycle of disaster management – prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response, relief and rehabilitation. There is an urgent need to raise general awareness levels of the people as also organize meaningful training for professionals who can play a pro-active role in disaster management.
With the above aim in view, Sindh Community Foundation (SCF) has added yet another achievement program in the list of SCF Universe. SCF-Disaster Risk Management Center conduct different trainings on Disaster Management and risk reduction for NGOs, Government officials, local community and other professionals. The center is located in the Sindh Community Foundation-Hyderabad, 

Aim of DRMC
To build a pool of trained and dedicated professionals who can contribute to the development of policies, measures and programmes for Disaster Management at various levels.
Women and Girls Empowerment 

Women and girls are being considered marginalized group in Pakistani society. Silent majority of women does not have any role to play in development process. Very few actions are taken at state level, specifically for women development. One of the major reasons to slight growth of country in Human Development Index (HDI) is because majority of the population comprised on women, who are not being allowed to utilize their potential in economic activities. SCF has addressed women development issues time to time through provisions of space for income opportunities, leadership training and skill development. 

This program aims:
o Opportunities of income generation for the girls and women of rural and slum setting 
o Developing leadership capacities of women and girls in social and political spheres 
o Awareness and education social issues and problems 
o Organizing women and girls into groups and building their 
o Raising voice for gender justice and equitable resources 

Under this program, SCF implemented girls' empowerment project in Tando Muhammad Khan supported by Mama Cash 

Girls Resource Center 

Under this program Girls Resource Center (GRC) was established to provide space to girls so they may acquire IT skills. Apart from this, confidence building initiatives were taken through discussing and understanding various social issues to groom their confidence level. It is a unique idea that girls get trainings on various social issues, read books and avail library facility there. GRC management is being run by four-member committee. The GRC is promoting girls and women activism in the area. GRC got publicity among the girls of other areas because of the secure and free from fear environment for learners with female teachers. SCF has planned to replicate the model of GRC in other districts of Sindh. 

Environmental Justice and Climate Change 

Pakistan is confronting sever environmental degradation and climate change effects. Climate change has become an alarming threat for both developed and developing countries. Efforts have been made at global level for retarding the pace of change in climatic conditions and reducing its impacts. SCF has took environmental problems in account and designed comprehensive programs to mitigate the environmental degradation and climate change effects through action research, capacity building and awareness campaigning in Sindh province. 

SCF addressed the issues of deforestation and climate change at small level through launching action research on socio-economic impact of deforestation in District Matiari and also launched awareness campaign of reforestation and tree plantation among school children and communities in 12 villages. SCF has also launched Climate change awareness campaign and trained 40 youth leaders for environmental activism in Hyderabad districts , SCF has planned to extend this campaign in other districts of Sindh to reach at wider population of rural areas and youth in province to sensitize and educate them on climate change mitigation and adaptation measures. This program aims to:
o Conduct training workshops and course for youth and civil society organization 
o Launch Community based climate change adaptation and mitigation programs 
o Create movement building for environmental justice
o Advocacy campaigning and policy lobbying 
o Action research 

Human rights and Good Governance 

Situation of human rights and governance in Pakistan is the most serious in the entire Asian region, impacting regional and international peace and security. Pakistan has very bad score of human rights and good governance. Women, rural communities, youth and minorities are being denied of their basic rights. The strong feudal and patriarchal social fabric of Sindh province has left worst effects on the lives of people. Honor killing, domestic violence, tribal conflicts are evidences of violation of human rights. SCF since its inception has been engaged in human rights, working through advocating human and women rights at grassroots level. SCF has addressed various issues of human rights through creating awareness of human rights, women rights, social, economical and political rights. Through this program it is conducting education and capacity building program for youth, women and girls, rural communities and minorities on various areas of human rights. SCF conducts:
o Human rights Leadership course and training workshops for youth 
o Grass root level forums for youth , women and rural communities on human rights 
o Network formation and strengthening 
o Advocacy campaigning 
o Citizen engagement for good governance 
o Information dissemination 
SCF has trained a well number of youth, girl’s students, and university students on Human rights and leadership to play active part in human rights activism in their respective areas. SCF has conducted, 02, 10 days long courses on Youth Leadership for Human rights and democracy 

Peace Education 

Pakistan currently is experiencing very bad situation of extremism and religious fanaticism. Intolerance, violent behavior is common in Pakistani society. The religious extremism has grown up and it has left very server effects on the society that lead violence against women, instability of peace, and violation of basic human rights and destroyed the fabric of religious and interfaith harmony. The violent behavior and religious extremism have been seen and found among youth in every province of Pakistan frequently. This situation has seriously influenced SCF to address the issues with very cohesive approach to initiate peace education programs. This program has core objectives of:
o Educating and sensitizing youth and communities on peace and conflict management 
o Cultivating youth peace educators /activists 
o Engagement of civil society and media in peace building process 
o Promoting peace through cultural transformation 

Human and Institutional Development and Advocacy 

SCF believes that without trained human resources and institutional strengthening sustainable development cannot occur in right manner. In this regard SCF holds capacity building events on various development themes for its partner organizations, communities, local CBOs, NGOs and for its own staff members to work efficiently in the target area. SCF has set up Information and Resource Development Center whose primary function was to provide training and capacity building opportunities and conduct research, share information with other organizations, civil society and media. 

Under HID program , SCF conduct training and capacity building events for NGO professionals and local NGOs and CBOs on various skills and areas of social development . It provides low cost and free trainings on various themes ranging from organizational management and development 

Information and Resource Development Center 

SCF has established IRDC for implementing its HIDA program. The Center has 3 major functions: 
o Conducting training workshops for NGO professionals and community based organizations 
o Compiling data on various social problems and issues and disseminating with civil society, media and policy makers at different levels.
o Conduct research on various social issue to support advocacy work 

SCF applies the right based approach in all its interventions so advocacy is one of core strategy of organization. SCF has launched advocacy campaigning to address vary critical issues of deforestation, human rights, gender based violence in Sindh through engaging local communities.





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