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Current Projects 

Engagement of Civil Society Organizations for inputs from grass-root level on SDGs Prioritization

“Improving Girls Education Status in 20 Government Schools”

Evaluation of Peace Building Project- Understanding impact of project with inter-religious harmony

Women Economic Justice Program

Take a Child to School

The project Protect Girls against Early Marriages through Education Support Program supported under THERIGHTTOBEAGIRL by MUNDO COOPERANTE.
The project is aimed to provide educational opportunities to 50 adolescent girls (at risk of early marriages to be dropped out) to continue further education from 8th grade to matriculation through parents realization and transportation support. The project is being implemented in 10 villages of districts Tando Muhamamd Khan District.
50 girls are continuing their education in different classes of lower secondary schools through monthly transpiration support. They are attending classes daily and their learning score is enhanced their confidence and interested to get further education is increase thus the risk of the child marriages reduced by sensitization realized by the their parents /communities in their villages.
The 50 girls who are receiving transportation support are providing coaching classes to 150 girls in all targeted areas, each girls is coaching 3 illiterate girls, adolescent, young women, who never went schools in their family neighbourhoods. This has not only protected girls against child marriages impact but also increase female literacy level in targeted 10 villages. The learners of coaching facility are now able to write and read names and able to count digits.
10 community group have been formed comprised on 10 male female activities so altogether 100 community members are engaged in promotion of girls education and promotion of awareness among their other community members on worst impact of child marriages and awareness on the la restraint child marriages in province. In each village, 20 awareness and sensitization sessions were conducted separately on importance of girls education and on legal aspects of Sindh Child Marriages Restraint Act 2013 and GBV which created sensitization among the 300 communities, 30 to 35 in each sessions which included young women and adolescent girls and boys too. These community members of the groups are advocates for the protection of girls against GBV and child marriages in specific. Concepts of gender equality were highlighted in the sessions. In these sessions SCF social mobilization staff focused on the various form of the violence against women.

Past Projects

Name of Donor/ Supporter

Title  of project/event

Chanan Development Organization

Access, Services and Knowledge –ASK 

British Council Pakistan 


Take a Child to School TACS in Matiari and TM Khan districts  

World Justice Project

Economic Justice for Women

Association of Development of Pakistan

Community Based Water Supply Schemes

LEAD Pakistan

Introducing Dual Cropping Technique

British Council Pakistan

Active Citizens Programs

Law and Justice Commission of Pakistan

Awareness on Anti-sexual Harassment Legislation – Women Protection Act 2010 

Toyota Foundation

Peace through Youth Peer Education

World Food Program

Food Assistance project in Mirpurkhas

UNDP Pakistan

Disaster Resilient Communities with Improved Access to Livelihoods in 31 villages of District Jamshoro 


Distribution of Uniforms and Food Incentives among the Girls of  Primary Schools in Flood Affected Districts of Sindh

Foundation For Future

Strengthening Youth Participation and Leadership for Promoting and Protecting Human Rights and Democracy in Sindh , Pakistan

World Food Program

Food Assistance in Flood Affected Areas of Jamshoro

Frontline Human Rights Defenders Foundation –Ireland 

institutional development

Korea Green Foundation

Climate change awareness campaign

Common Wealth Foundation – Civil society response grant

Strengthening  Youth Leadership for Human rights and Democracy

Urgent Action Fund

Awareness Campaign for Protection  of Women Against Sexual Harassment Bill

UN-Habitat Youth Opportunity Fund

Youth Empowerment Through Knowledge in Hyderabad Slum project.

Mama Cash, Netherlands

Girls Empowering in Tando Muhammad Khan City

Indus Institute for Research and Education

Un Declaration of Human rights: Status of HR in Sindh province

United Nation Environment Program UNEP , Eco Peace Leadership Center , Korea

Socio-economic impacts of deforestation on the local people

Mission for International al Vehicle Association MIVA , Netherlands

Vehicle for Community work

Population Council of Pakistan

Strengthening Youth Resource Center at Chandio 





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